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Share creatives, collect feedback, manage reviews and deliver finished work faster — from anywhere in the world.

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Your ad process is a
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Mess Ad process
Centralised asset management
  • View all assets in one location
    Preview your assets in a jiffy. Eliminate complex file names, find your assets easily and quickly through grid and list views.
  • Effortless file splitting and merging
    Optimize content by grouping files into single versions or splitting them as needed.
  • Streamline versions and prevent duplicates
    stack new versions on top of existing Files and say no to complex file names
Efficient cross-team collaboration
  • Revolutionary annotation system
    Enhance collaboration and feedback through intuitive area markers, user tagging
  • Timestamp based notes and comments
    Leave comments on the precise frames on video assets. Add annotations for more clarity
  • Alerts and notifications
    Stay informed with instant alerts and email notifications.
Instant access to assets
  • Tag based search
    Add your own tags and make your workspace more searchable.
  • Metadata search
    Search by uploader, date (uploaded and modified) and custom fields and more.
  • One click filters
    Create custom filters on filetype, tags, colours, source, uploader and more.
Smart workflows and
custom fields
Personalized client
Dedicated client workspaces to elevate personalized client interactions and elevate business relationships.
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Manage approvals
Create approval process with custom fields and say no to any more delays in approval.
Customize your fields
Add status, date of completion, assignee and any fields fit for your business needs.
How do we
impacts teams?
Increase in team productivity
Asset searchability reduced
Brand consistency increased
Increase in collaboration

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adnova is a game-changer for our agency. Unlimited workspaces, in-depth analytics, and built-in annotation tools empower our team to collaborate seamlessly and create winning ads for clients. It's a must-have for agency!

Bryan Ribao

Bryan Ribao


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